Database Management Systems 

by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke
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Database Management Systems has quickly become one of the leading texts for database courses, known for its practical emphasis and comprehensive coverage. The third edition features new material on database application development, with a focus on Internet applications. The hands-on approach introduces students to current standards, including JDBC, XML, and 3-tier application architectures. A new, flexible organization allows instructors to teach either an applications-oriented course or an introductory systems-oriented course. The revised “part” organization with (new) Overview chapters makes it easy to select the chapters you need; in-depth chapters within each part can be optional.
This very current new edition also features pedagogical improvements (e.g., chapter objectives, review questions), and updated and extended  discussions of data mining, database tuning wizards, decision support, information retrieval, Internet security, object-oriented databases, transaction processing, and XML data management. Throughout, the coverage has been revised and expanded to reflect the new SQL:1999 standard, including extensions that support multimedia data, object-relational databases, OLAP,  recursive queries, spatial data, and SQL-J. The flexible organization and up-to-date discussion of advanced topics also makes the book ideal for use in a two-course sequence

Slides PPT's for Database Management Systems, Third Edition

Note: These slides are available for students and instructors in PDF and some slides also in postscript format. Slides in Microsoft Powerpoint format are available only for instructors. All slides except the slides for Chapter 24 are available now. You can download all the available slides in one large zip-file.

I Foundations

II Applications

III Systems

IV Systems

V Systems

VI Applications

VII Advanced Topics


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