Vebbler-a personal networking site for meaningful converstions:

Vebbler a personal social networking site launched in the year 2013 in Mumbai(India). Vebbler is founded by Sahil Bhagat and designed by a dedicated team mostly in their early 20s who love inventing products.

Features of Vebbler include:

Clubs (for personal): Clubs are a main aspect of Vebbler’s user experience, which allows a user to add a person into different layers, such as friends, family, workmates and acquaintances. This makes the user to create a separate relationship. A person does not come to know which club he / she has been added into.

Followers (for public): While keeping the closest 500 people in your Clubs, you can follow as many people you find interesting. This makes Vebbler a great platform for public conversations too, while keeping your private life intact.

High Quality Images: Profile photos are big and photographs are stored in high quality, making Vebbler a lovable area for photographers and photography lovers. Photos are also layered with privacy, so that you can choose who can view the photos and which people are allowed to be tagged in them.

Wavetags: Move over Hashtags. Now, start a ~Wave! Build conversations in real time, follow waves that interest you and see its popularity with the Wave-O-Meter.

Vebbler Search: Social search is beyond searching things by name. Searching interests, photos, waves and conversations around a particular topic creates a more intuitive search experience.
Another news is that Vebbler is Hiring:

Yes. Vebbler is looking to expand its family by bringing in fresh talent in web designing and programming.

Vebbler launches its Messaging App with custom stickers.
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