Hosting a website on Google Drive:

Are you planning to create a website?Are you searching for the right place to host your website?Then stop all your searches and read this post for complete tutorial on How to Host your website,web pages on Google drive for free without costing you any penny.

Hosting on Google drive:

1.       Go to
2.       Upload your site by creating a separate folder(Ex:Somestuff4ru) for each(css,js,img etc)
3.       Now right click on the Somestuff4ru folder and click on share.
4.       Change sharing options to Public and click on Done.
5.       Open the Somestuff4ru folder and copy the folder id
6.       Ex:
7.       Folder ID is highlighted in yellow color copy that.
Free Domain Services:


  1.        Open
  2.        Paste your folder id
  3.        Choose your website name and click on the Choose button..Thats it J
1.       1)Open
2.       2)Integrate your gmail account with
3.       3)Thats it now you can choose your Website name and click on Add.
1.       This method is done with your own domain at Hostgator,Godaddy, etc
2.       Change the cname records to in Domain Settings
3.       After some changes you own domain with Google hosting will be ready
Note:Above services for domain are not provided by Google.The benefit is you are getting a free hosting by Google.
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