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Brilliant ideas strike people all the time. Perhaps you've been inspired at some point with the notion for an innovative product or process.
It doesn't have to be the cure for cancer. Maybe it's a device that makes for easier clean-up after Fido; or a better way to re-seal opened potato-chip bags.
Inventors have served to power human progress in ways big and small ever since our anthropoid ancestors stood upright and began making tools. 

     Don't waste your Idea....Share them with others

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What you have to do?

I have divided Guest Posts into three categories.You can choose any one.and mail us to along with your photo(Headshot) and any details.
1)Share your business ideas,startup ideas, innovative thoughts,project ideas,new invention ideas etc
2)An Article on:Current affairs,National level problems,non-personal topics,short stories,health tips,..any article. Give a title and mail us.
3)Provide some stuff relevant to our blog like(android apps,jobs,tips and tricks etc).You can submit your ebooks,ppt's,projects,soft copies,etc prepared by you.
Note:Anything you submit should reach the people whenever they see.i.e.If you give information about current topic it might not be useful  later..Don't try to copy from any place and give us,We check the topic and then publish.Original content is only accepted.

What I will do?

I will check your post and publish it on this blog along with your photograph and bio details.


Let us discuss about the benefits of this:
1)Your image will be shown up when you type your name in Google.
2)Refer your friends,family or anyone to your post...
3)Just imagine it makes you special in your college or your working area.
4)Share any of your Startup idea.Anyone who is interested will contact you
5)Your online reputation will be increased

                       I hope you understood the benefits..


 Your idea will be shared to the world. 
A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
So, please don't let your talent be at your home just share it with world
Uday kiran
Blogger @Somestuff4ru