Jntu Kakinada (JNTUK) B.tech R10 Text Books,lab manuals ebooks, 4-1,4-2 and all years including CSE,ECE,EEE,MECH and other branches:

JntuK ,JntuH,JntuA Lab Manuals,Programs all years CSE,ECE,EEE,MECH

Advanced Computer ArchitectureFile 1
Advanced Computing ConceptsFile 1
Advanced Data Structures and AlgorithmsFile 1File 2
Automata & Complier DesignFile 1File 2
Cellular and Mobile CommunicationsFile 1File 2
Computational Fluid DynamicsFile 1
Data Base Management SystemsFile 1File 2
Data Warehousing and Data MiningFile 1
Digital Control SystemsFile 1
Digital Image ProcessingFile 1
Earthquake Resistant DesignFile 1
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation *File-1File-2
Embedded and Real Time SystemsFile 1
Embedded SystemsFile 1File 2File 3
Engineering OptimizationFile 1
Finite Element MethodsFile 1File 2
Finite Element Methods in Civil engineeringFile 1File 2
High Voltage EngineeringFile 1File 2
Human Computer InteractionFile 1File 2Ebook
Image ProcessingFile 1
Image Processing & Pattern RecognitionFile 1File 2
Information Retrieval SystemsFile 1
Information SecurityFile 1File 2
Instrumentation and Control SystemsFile 1
Micro Controllers and ApplicationsFile 1File 2
Mobile ComputingFile 1File 2File 3
Multimedia and Application DevelopmentFile 1
Network Management SystemsFile 1
Network Programming*File 1
Nonconventional Sources of EnergyFile 1File 2
Operations ResearchFile 1
Operating SystemsFile 1File 2File 3
Power Plant EngineeringFile 1
Radar SystemsFile 1
Remote Sensing and GIS ApplicationsFile 1
Satellite CommunicationsFile 1File 2
Software Project ManagementFile 1File 2
Television EngineeringFile 1
Unconventional Machining ProcessesFile 1
Unix and Shell programming *File 1File 2
Virtual RealityFile 1
Web TechnologiesFile 1File 2File 3

Jntuk 4-2 R10 Textbooks Updated:


Mobile Adhoc & Sensor Networks--EBOOK

Pattern Recognition -    EBOOK

Digital Image Processing--NOTES


i)Embedded and Real Time Systems-NOTES

ii)Simulation Modeling--TEXT BOOK

iii)Information Retrieval Systems-TEXT BOOKS

iv)Artificial Intelligence--notes

v)Multimedia & Application Development--NOTES