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C++ Ebooks Free Download.C++ a better programming language than C-programming language for game developers.These C++ ebooks are very easy to learn and study.Download all the ebooks below.

What is C++:
 A high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C++ adds object-oriented features to its predecessor, C. C++ is one of the most popular programming language for graphical applications, such as those that run in Windows and Macintosh environments.(Source:Webopedia)
C++ seems to be easy if you are very good at C-Programming Language

Advantages of Learning C++

1: Stronger Type Checking - the use of classes, inheritance & automatic type

conversions mostly eliminates the need for the abominable void* of C.

2: Type safe linkage - you can't accidentally call a routine from another
module with the
wrong type and/or number of arguments - even if your header files get out of

3: A complex data type is provided. It includes all the standard arithmetic
operations, implemented as operators, not function calls.

4: User-defined operators and function overloading are supported. When you
design a data type you can specify which operators & functions are provided.

5: You can use class libraries to provide robust new data types which can be
made exceptionally easy to use.
6: You can define automatic type conversions to convert between data types.

7: C++ Compiles most ANSI C code directly and can call compiled C code
directly, so you don't even have to learn anything new at all!
I recently spent some time converting a copy of SUPER to ANSI C on a
Macintosh and was able to compile it equally easily with C++ as well. The
C++ version also had the advantage that it worked when I finished, I had
managed to break the C version so that it crashed almost immediately.

8: You don't have to put all of your declarations at the top of each block
in C++. .

9: Classes provide extensible types, promoting code reuse. This can
result in major savings in the amount of code written. I saw a recent
article which stated that the new Taligent operating system, which is written
in C++, consists of 250,000 lines of code, whereas WindowsNT, written in C,
was said to consist of 4,000,000 lines of code.

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