Track Changes of any Website:


Do you want to know immediately when a website changes anything or adds any text to it.With this trick you can get notified immediately when a website adds any text or removes any text.You have to follow the instructions given below and do them asthese.Ok,Let me tell you more now.There are some websites on internet which help you in getting notifications when a website changes anything.
Below are the sites which keep tracking changes of any website you want:


Below given are the websites which help you in tracking changes of any website you want.You will get the notifications to your email id which you enter them there and can know what that particular website has added or removed.Let me describe clearly about this
Follow below Instructions
1)Go to
2)You will find two boxes below Monitor a page one is page address and send alert to

In page address-paste the url or site name which you wish to keep tracking
In send alert to-give your email id
Thats it Select any further options you want and save them.Its over.As soon as the site changes you will get the email.

Some other sites like :