New Google Search look Attracts People

Google developers always strive to give new look and flexibilty to search anything for its million people.Keeping it in mind Google has changed some of its old style and brought up with a new style.Checkout the Google's New Look Below.It is heard that #Google has been planning to change some of its features and search method.On a Google+ post where a user was sharing a screenshot of the updated look-and-feel, Google+ Community Manager Justine Rivero commented, “Glad you noticed! We’ll be rolling out this new feature in the next few weeks…stay tuned!” Before today, Google has only been showing the updated navigation menu to portions of its user base as an experiment. It had not yet announced that the menu would be more broadly rolled out.
Google-new-search-navigationBefore bringing these features into full existence Google has tested these for features for some days and now it is confirmed.According to me Google's New search style is more helpful to the people who use most of the Google Features like Gmail,Google+,Blogger,Youtube,Maps,News,Play Store etc.Because in its new Navigation style it has included all its Features for time saving.I hope Google will go on continue its work and serve more to this Internet era.Understand what google has changed by observing below screenshots

GooglImprovements To GooGle Search:

Today morning Google announced improvements to #GoogleSearch. As part of those updates, we made improvements to our Knowledge Graph, so you can ask more and more complex questions from Google. 

When you’re looking up your favorite band, you're probably looking for other information about them, such as their songs, albums or music videos. Today's changes make it easier for you to see this type of connected information when you search for music, movies, books, paintings and more. So now if you search for [the National songs], you’ll see a list of their songs. Simply click on one song, like “Sea of Love” and you’ll cue up the video for the song with results. If you want to switch to another title, you can easily click amongst them. If you’re interested in a movie—whether it’s a classic like “The
Searchers” or something more contemporary—you’ll now see more information about the cast and related movies, directly in the Knowledge Graph. In this example, you can explore other movies from John Ford or click through the all-star cast to learn more about each actor. 

You might just discover more favorites and new information you didn’t know you were searching for.

Very Soon You Are Going To Notice the Changes