What are facebook embedded posts??
Few weeks ago, facebook-The addictive social networking site has launched new and most awaiting feature for blogs,and websites.That is embedded posts.What can you do with embed posts?It helps you to grab your favourite facebook posts to your own blog or website.This makes your blog or site visitors to see facebook posts without logging in and use the content..We can embed even your page posts,group posts,individual posts etc.Before knowing about this get here Awesome Facebook tricks you have never tried.
How to embed a facebook post?
This is very simple.You can follow the below given pictures and embed a post in your blog or site!


As you see above click on the embed post and copy the code given in the new pop up window that which is opened after clicking on embed post.
Now open your blogger dashboard
1)Open Layout
2)Add a Gadget
3)Add html Java Script-Now PASTE the code that you have copied earlier.Now save the arrangement
4)Preview you Blog.
 That's it Simple....
Note:Share is Used as a tool to share your any blogger posts in Facebook,Twitter,Linked in,whereas Embed posts are used to share a Facebook posts to your blog or site..
Learn more about Facebook Tricks.To be better in facebook more than your friends you have to know about facebook tricks.

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