Unblock Fb by Uday kiran

"Facebook is blocked Here" or "Facebook access denied" - One of the most common problem you came across in mostly your workplace, offices, colleges e.t.c. The admins there block the usage of websites like Facebook which in turn is a big problem for us. But its not so that you cannot access Facebook or your favorite websites there. Not in a straight way but by cheating the firewalls evolved in blocking that website you can have the website of your choice in front of you. But for the users restricted by firewall like Sonicwall would not be able to access Facebook via proxy, cause the only way to beat sonicwall is translating the website through Bing or Yahoo translator.

But the success rate of your attempt is based on the type of firewall or blocking system used by your admin. Thus if a trick doesn't works, must try next. For ease and tricky purpose use instead of . Below I have listed possible and easy ways to access the Facebook wherever it is blocked.
1)Using a Proxy/Tunnel Website:

Its one of the most simple ways of opening the blocked website. All you have to do is to open a proxy website , which generally uses the proxy server and enter their the website you want to open.

                                                   Ex :

2) By using the ip of the Website:

Enter the ip address of the website you want to open instead of the website address in the address bar. You can get the ip address of that website

Or to get the IP address of Facebook, go to your Computer Run command box and put the following command and hit Enter.

ping -t

Now you can see the IP address of the Facebook, as shown in the above image. Just enter the IP address in the browser address and hit enter to access the Facebook.


Browse to Settings>Labs>Add a gadget by url. Click enable. Now go to gadgets tab under settings.

Add to the field and click add button. Now you can find facebook link below chat label, click and enjoy.

Or you can also Update Facebook Via Email

This one is last method which allows you to update your Facebook status easily from your mail account. With this trick you can upload images, videos and update your Facebook status by email. Read here How To Update Facebook Via Email.
4)Use VPN:

When nothing else works, a vpn service will definitely work. Install this free vpn service called

5)Bing Translator:

One of the latest trick to fool the firewalls in schools and offices now a days is very popular known as Translator. Just enter in Bing Translator and hit Translate button.
5)Browsing on HTTPS connection:

HTTPS is nothing but of the secure connection, where data will be encrypted. This trick will work in many colleges and schools (This trick even worked in my Collage). Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS and try to access the website. For example you need to visit then try and try to access the site.

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