1001 Shocking Science Facts
This book contains following:

      Shocking Body Facts . . . . . . . . . 
       Shocking Animal Facts . . . . . . . . 
      Shocking Creepy Creature Facts . 
       Shocking Living World Facts . . . . 
      Shocking Planet Earth Facts . . . .
     Shocking Space Facts . . . . . . . . 
Shocking Technology Facts . .
Science helps us to explore the world and the universe around us and
it uncovers some pretty weird and wonderful stuff. But if you thought
scientists knew everything, think again – we don’t know what 97 per
cent of the universe is made of! That means there’s still plenty for you
to discover, so get your lab coat on…and get experimenting
If your hair is standing on end with excitement after reading all
the electrifying facts in this book, you might feel inspired to try
some experiments of your own! A word of advice…stick to
things like using laughter to combat your allergies, or keeping a
record of whether you’ve eaten a car’s weight in food in a year!
Leave the truly shocking tests like drinking your own vomit to
all the mad scientists out there…

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