1000 Photoshop Tips&Tricks for Beginners,Experts
This book contains nearly 1000 Photoshop tips and tricks.It is helpful for both beginners and experts in photoshop.This is most highly recommended book for learning photoshop.The book contains a clear explanation with illustrated pictures

Doing an Invisible 
As in all image manipulations there are usually several ways to do the job. When doing an invisible
this is particularly true. 
A Simple Layer Mask 
This is a very basic tutorial on layer masks
Fire in the Night 
This tutorial is geared toward the intermediate Photoshop artist who already has a basic grasp of
the program's interface and tools. You will learn more advanced masking and lighting techniques,
plus some hand-drawn illustration techniques to make your images come alive.

How I cubed a cherry 
How to combine illustration and photoshopping to achieve a cool result.

Modern Ruins 
How to turn a modern day city into decaying ruins.

How to make your own 3D Images 
Learn how to make one of those cool 3D images that you can look at with those 3D glasses.

The Aging Process 
Here’s a little tutorial showing you how I basically go about aging a woman’s face in Photoshop
Turnintues g people into staTUES
A few people wanted me to share how I created my Anthony Hopkins Bust for Future Memorials 7.
The technique I used is different from the methods presented in the other two statue tutorials
posted here, and I hope some of you can find my technique useful.
Having had a bit of success applying tattoos to celebrities I'll explain the tricks and tweaks I used to create
realistic tattoos. This tutorial uses a few basic photoshop techniques, masking, colour adjustment, liquify
and the resize and transformation tools

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