When there is any development in Indian finance ... UPA is proudly saying that “we are responsible for the development”... if it is opposite  ...”worldwide situations are the reasons for this “..simply UPA is giving statement and raising hands. Stock exchanges are going down. Value of rupee is decreasing its value day by day ! Foreign countries investments are flaying away! Corporate industries are losing their believes ! Government also.. escaping by saying ”this is not our mistake”.
Coming to reality , we can’t  neglect worldwide situations , but these reactions are temporary and these are not much responsible . Government disability and useless methods of ruling are the main reasons. Mainly  the other countries industries.  which are working in our country is in one way in paying taxes ! This decreased the financial development .Since four years., nothing went to take care about financial development. Government really and madly wasted a lot of valuable time. Indian businessmen are dropping their investment programs, for this Ben Bernicia is not at all responsible, right?
 UPA government was neglected, finance system and people safety. The development of other countries is one of the main reason, people were going crazy about branded things. But India was not able to prove that the Indian products also branded. In this UPA government is spending 180 cores for the publicity of Indian things. This a big failure!...
Change is common at everywhere, but India is constant in developing... it is developing  country .And it will be developing country.. forever and ever and ever.........

                                                                                                                        - Naveen Ram