Blade less Fan-Somestuff4ru

Unlike traditional fans with big ugly blades, these fans have small but fast rotating blades hidden in the base of fan giving the impression that these fans are fully bladeless. However, the bottom line is they don’t have any visible blades on the exterior, making these fans look gorgeous, something one can proudly keep on table.

Constant and comfortable airflow:
Air flow in bladeless fans is like a breeze coming through a window in a room as against the choppy and unpleasant noisy air slapping on your face in conventional fans
Blade less Fan-Somestuff4ru

Blade less Fan-Somestuff4ru

Safe for kids and pets:
 With no fast moving blades, no blades or grille to get in the way, these fans are completely safe around kids and pets.

Hygienic and easy to clean: These fans are very easy to clean as their whole body is visible and easily accessible unlike traditional fans where it is difficult to remove grill and clean blades.