With Facebook recently exceeding half a billion users, businesses of all types are
realizing they have a big opportunity to monetize their efforts on the world’s largest
social network
To put this into perspective, compare Facebook to the largest retailer
in the world, Walmart: Roughly 20 million people visit
Walmart on a daily basis, whereas 250 million people visit
Facebook each day. There is no other online marketing channel
that can deliver this kind of reach.
But before we look at some ways to actually drive revenue,
it is important to understand that Facebook is not your traditional
e-commerce channel and should not be used as a direct
marketing tactic. The hundreds of millions of Facebook members
have joined to share their personal stories through updates,
images and videos within their social network — not to
buy products. That being said, utilizing the social network as
a sales channel is not a bad thing but should be handled carefully,
like meeting a neighbor’s dog for the first time — approach
with respect or risk being bitten. Aggressive behavior
does not pay off.
Prior to engaging in Facebook as a business outlet you must
develop a strategy for connecting with your customer base. Your
strategy should be about quality not quantity of people that
“like” your page. Taking the time to develop relationships with
your fans, creating engaging content and measuring results are
the three essential steps to an impressive return on investment.