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Jntu Kakinada(Jntuk) 3-1 CSE,ECE,EEE,MECH Text books,Notes

Jntu Kakinada(Jntuk) 3-1 CSE,ECE,EEE,MECH Text books,Notes


Get all Jntuk Textbooks,ebooks,notes,lab manuals here.Download Jntuk 3-1(R10) Notes,Books here.For some files you may require this software-Download

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Subject NameLink 1Link 2Link 3
Advanced Data StructuresFile-1
Antennas and Wave PropagationFile-1File-2
Compiler DesignFile-1File-2
Complex Variables and Statistical MethodsFile-1
Computer Architecture & OrganizationFile-1File-2File 3
Computer GraphicsFile-1
Computer NetworksFile-1File-2
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsFile-1File-2
Digital CommunicationsFile-1File-2File-3
Digital IC ApplicationsFile-1
Electrical Machines-IIIFile-1
Electrical MeasurementsFile-1
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation *File-1File-2
Linear & Digital IC ApplicationsFile-1
Linear IC ApplicationsFile-1
Management ScienceFile-1
Micro Processors and Multicore SystemsFile-1File-2
Operating SystemsFile-1File-2File-3
Power ElectronicsFile-1File-2
Power Systems-IIFile-1File-2File-3
Principles of CommunicationFile-1File-2File-3
Software EngineeringFile-1File-2File-3
Web TechnologiesFile-1File-21File




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